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02 August 2005
bad news about the accident but car looks amazing now, great site very informative thanks
JM Vega-P
08 June 2005
A really helpful site. Thanks Andy.
Mike (Argentina)
18 February 2005
"greater than the sum of all her parts" is all I can say, having just seen the pictures of her at Stoneleigh - hats off to you Andy, I guess we all suspected you'd turn the rebuild into something of a masterclass but the results are simply stunning!
dave morey (
22 January 2005
what an excellent helpful site !! good luck on the rebuild many thanks

17 November 2004
Your car looks great. I want one. Great to see it running, read the story on your website. Unhappy about giving my e-mail out to people I don't soz mate. I also hate Novas and I think they should be taken off of the road. I will campaign for it and let you know what happens. Be Safe Lolly Pop King. Watch Friends.
01 June 2004
Glad to hear the pussy cat is purring again. Great site, picked up lots of useful info for my F.
Craig Harffey (
18 December 2003
The queen is dead...long live the queen. Good to see SF rollin' again

19 September 2003
Blimey !

Nasty Crash, Don't do it again!!
Bruce Caldwell
26 August 2003
Glad to see Scarlet back on the road again. When she was unveiled the smile on your face was so wide I thought your ears were going to come off! Great.
17 July 2003
It is sad to see a car like this in a terrible state.
I was thinking of giving you a donation for the repair of the car but being the tight arse that I am I think not.
Stefan Gibney
22 April 2003
I'm hooked on your "rebuild" descriptions. I just hope you remember where all of the screws go when it comes time to put it all back together again!!

Good luck with the rebuild.

18 April 2003
Yo Andy, hope SF gets better soon. So great to see that you are getting so much support. You deserve it bro!
16 April 2003
Jeeze, Andy. I had no idea. We B and Spridget folks don't get up to the Effers boards all that much.
But, what a great show of support. Must make you feel good,
Best wishes with Scarlet rising up from the ashes!
Beelz the Yank
15 April 2003
Best wishes for the restoration of you car from Vienna !
if you give me your paypal account I will try to throw in some Euros ;-)

01 April 2003
Hope You Get Well Soon....
13 March 2003
Sorry to hear about Scarlet. Hope she's back on the road soon.

12 March 2003
I'm waiting for SF to be on the road to the 2004 Treffen in Portugal. It will not be the same without her.
Hoping for a wonderful rebuild job,

12 March 2003
Good luck with rebuild the iconic Scarlet...cheque waiting for destination/payee details
12 March 2003
We must get SF back on the road and on to a Treffen - good luck.
Luis Pereira (
12 March 2003
Andy you have my support all the way from Bermuda, I hope to see Scarlet out there in the near future and thanks for your website I have used it to do all my mods.

Luis Pereira
11 March 2003
Hi Andy,

Glad to see this site and ready to help you even if I'm far away!!! I want SF to be on her 4 wheels again and you at the wheel...
Hope expert report will be OK.

28 February 2003
Gutted. Still can't believe it.
28 February 2003
It's all been said already. SF has been inspirational,
not only to legions of MGF owners, but also to those of us who drive Zeds (especially the K series 4 pot engined ones).

Hope it all works out. A labour of love like this always will.

28 February 2003
I hope it all works out and that you'll be behind the wheel of Scarlet again very soon!
Andrew (SF)
28 February 2003
Hallo Rosi,

Dank für die gute Glückanzeige.


(Message translated with
Mariusz (
28 February 2003

After two month driving my Trophy was hit but some f.. idiot. (also in February). I'm going to repair my car no matter what insurance company will say and you do the same
This icon must last forever.
28 February 2003
Hallo Andrew,

ich wünsche Dir viel Glück bei dieser Aktion.

Rosi aus Germany
Steve Childs (
27 February 2003
Andy, sorry to hear of the accident, glad you're ok though. Amazing the power of the internet, isn't it! ;) - Hope to see Scarlet back on the road soon.

I know how you must feel though not having Scarlet to drive, I've missed my MGF ever since I sold her :*(
27 February 2003
Its a shame to see such a iconic car in such a poorly state, But Scarlet will return.

Hope to see you on the Treffen this year!
27 February 2003
Its great to see this all coming together! Hopping to actually meet Scarlet one day, she and Andy have provided inspiration and help on the BBS for me, well worth a donation
27 February 2003
This is really great, things on are on the move at last, Best wishes to Andy, Good luck to SF, and well done all you helpers and contributors, Dave T6DCM.
27 February 2003

It's nice to see that SF will join us on future Treffens.

Well done Stefan
Neil (NNW49)
27 February 2003
Good to see "the project" starting.

Keep asking - you never know who's got what: parts, knowledge resources etc!
27 February 2003
Way to go!!
Will be watching with great interest. Donation will follow.
Dieter Koennecke
27 February 2003
worst news of the beginning of 2003 :(
Mate, I know that feeling. Looking forward to seeing the car back on the road again at any time. May be at another Dormagen-'Treffen' like in 1999 ?
My first cash donation is at Rob ;), saved bank fee *g
27 February 2003
This is great stuff, I was shocked to hear the news about SF, and the response makes me really proud to own an MG. My Cheque is in the post!....

26 February 2003
Scarlet WILL live again if I have anything to do with it, old 'uns are best ;-)
If you need it jigging I will do for you Andy FOC, hey I don't want to loose a customer that easy!
24 February 2003
Andy, it's terrible to see SF in such a sorry state! I hope she gets back onto the road soon!
Stefan Gibney
22 February 2003
I want to say that I was shocked to hear of the accident and wish you all the best with the restoration.
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