The Rebuild (in words and pictures)
"Phoenix" is a word that has been associated on more than one occasion with significant milestones in MGs recent history. "Project Phoenix" was the title of the MGF project, and marked the return of MG as a producer of modern, two-seater sports cars. The "Phoenix Consortium" were the folks who saved MG from oblivion when BMW decided to dump Rover. So it seemed appropriate to us that the SF rebuild should go under the "Scarlet Phoenix" banner. It is a project that quite literally countless people have contributed to already, contributing time, effort, even parts and money too. This section is dedicated to all those people, and is a diary and permanent record of the Scarlet Phoenix rebuild project

Let us hope that like that mythical bird of lore, that SF will rise from the ashes of that unpleasant February evening, and return to her former glory

Read about the rebuild by using the links on the right to view the progress as it is being made

Rob Bell

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